By Elia Maqueda. March 5, 2013


Hello, digital world. I'm the future. Now please don't go thinking I've come here to tell you how much everything has advanced. We all know that your imagination is already prepared for the changes to come. If there is one thing that has taken root though it's that trend, which was already beginning to sprout back in your era –a return to the manual, to the tangible. That thing you came to call craftsmanship is now an important industry necessary for our economy. I can still recall those dialectical battles like the yes to paper / no to paper, one which divided the publishing world for years. Nowadays, paper books are prized possessions that we all have in our homes, and that live blissfully alongside books in digital and other formats which will come later (inter-dimensional books, hologram books, etc.).

But something that people seemed to forget about during that era of yours when beautiful tablets and digital reading devices –with their spotless monitors and organised desktops– started to proliferate was not what paper books contained but their container. Bookcases, dear digital humans of the first revolution. Bookcases. Those wonderful pieces of furniture made up of shelves, racks, empty spaces, columns, rows and nooks, where books are stacked next to each other or piled up on top of one another. Those places where beautiful covers are hidden in favour of spines, and poetry or plays are belittled by neighbouring large format design books only to then come to light with their heads held high, their minute dimensions and dust-laden pages. Bookcases have become a place to display treasures; a standard of harmony and everything artisan. And that, dear friends, is something a few visionaries from your era had already spotted.

I'll leave you with a selection of thirteen beautiful bookcases dating back from the 2010s. Be brave and protect the harmony. It's all you need to follow the dizzying path to our times.

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