By visualMAG. December 28, 2012


While one door is closing another is opening so let’s raise our glasses to bringing in the New Year at a table of 13 guests, on the 13th floor of a hotel with a view of the last full moon and no bad luck in sight.

We never get tired of saying it (let’s see if we can make it happen by repeating it): if 2012 has been a happy year, 2013 is bound to be even better. What could be more effective in combating triskaidekaphobia than a good year ending in 13? After all, the best remedy for dismantling accurate prophecies about the impending end of the world is a good Saturday following the apocalypse. In the end, it will all get blamed on the Mayans and their misunderstandings.

Seeing as we prefer to look ahead and not kick a man when he’s down – let’s call him 2012 – we’ve chosen 13 calendars for a 2013 of good luck kalends, nones and ides. Lucky Thirteen all round.

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