By visualMAG. December 11, 2012


Everybody agrees that Christmas tends to be an opportunistic time of the year. Presents we will never use, feasts with members of our family who ignore us the rest of the year, good resolutions, promises we won’t keep… But, moved by the Christmas spirit and afraid of one day becoming Mr Scroogethe grumpy old man of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, many of us take the opportunity to greet our friends and acquaintances with nice cards. The tradition, which actually comes from the homeland of the author of David Copperfield and Oliver Twist, was established around mid-19th century when the English inventor Henry Cole felt overwhelmed by the correspondence he had to send on these days. He commissioned his friend and illustrator John Calcott Horsle to design a card of which he would later print 1,000 copies. The lithograph, a triptych that portrayed a family scene, included the following greeting: 'A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.'

Trends and habits have awfully changed in almost two centuries, but the message has hardly changed. That is why we have selected 13 original Christmas cards so that yours doesn’t go unnoticed this year. Although you can always go back to the origins and, as Henry Cole did before he had such a brilliant idea, write them by hand. Happy greetings!

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