By Garbiñe Jaurrieta. June 27, 2012


There was a time when we would pilgrimage to the cinemas every Sunday. The screenings gave an opportunity to caress your girl’s shoulder, at the very least, in the most intimate darkness. A time when cinemas –like those in Madrid's Gran Vía– hosted most of our Sunday dates and film premieres were a major event, more important than going to church.

But big textile firms appeared with their big stores, and celluloid was no longer profitable. Leisure activities had multiplied and the screens of El Palacio de la Música or Avenida couldn’t compete with the productivity of a pair of pants for 9.95. Projectors were then moved to the outskirts of the cities, not in the shape of the American drive-in theatres but as an impersonal large-scale centre or multiplex.

In spite of this, there are still small nooks, big buildings or bizarre places to enjoy that anonymous and silent ritual that is "going to the cinema”. These are our favourite 13:

Cine Acapulco (Havana- Cuba)
Biograph theater (Chicago- Illinois)
Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre (Henderson, North Carolina)
Álamo Drafthouse (Austin-Texas)
Civic Theatre (Auckland- New Zealand)
Filmoteca Cine Doré (Madrid- Spain)
Teatro Tuschinski (Amsterdam- Netherlands)
Gaumont Ópera (Paris- France)
Zoo Palast (Berín- Alemania)
Río Cinema (London- U.K )
Rooftop cinema (Melbourne- Australia)
Archipielago Cinema (Yao Noi island, Tailandia)
Utopia Cinema(Tournefeuille- France)

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