By Teresa de Andrés. November 15, 2012


Photography will never go out of fashion. Because in spite of never-ending debates –they do not end– on formats, techniques, deaths, pixels or halides, there will always be somebody around with a camera in his or her hand and somebody else with his or her eyes back and forth at this side of the mirror, willing to look and be looked at. In these times of simultaneous everything, when days and hours overlap and everything happens at the same time, we regain the peace of the calendar. We go back to the sequence of months and to an imaginary trip to photo festivals around the world: from Los Angeles to Perpignan and New York, stopping on our way in Rome, Madrid or Arles and finishing –as everything has always finished since 1942– in a greenhouse with delusions of grandeur in the city of Paris.

Since we are running away to the Grand Palais to attend PARIS PHOTO, we present you our selected 13 photo festivals to continue travelling around the world all 13 months of the year.

January at home, to catch our breath.
February in Paris [Circulation(s)].
March in Liège [BIP].
April in Derby [FORMAT].
May in New York [NY Photo Festival].
June in Madrid [Photoespaña].
July from London to Ireland [London Festival of Photography  y Photo Ireland].
August in Arles [Les Rencontres d’Arles].
September from Getxo to Perpignan [GETXOPHOTO  y Visa pour l’Image, International Photojournalism Festival].
October from Rome to Brighton [FOTOGRAFIA y Brighton Photo Festival].
November in Paris [PARIS PHOTO].
December, back home.

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