By Teresa de Andrés. May 9, 2012


Today is a bad day to be happy, a day in which nothing works. A day in which your computer whispers softly in your ear that it is fed up of your stuff and that it is going to spend all morning thinking; a day in which you go out on the street with rain on your head and the only thing you get in return is a slap of heat in the face and under the sweater that makes you forecast the apocalypse. Today is one of those days with dirty hair, swollen face and puffed eyes from crying and you stumble across the love of your life in the lift with hair, face, eyes lit up by a third-degree-interrogation fluorescent. Today is the day in which you almost get hit by a car and you fall off your bike and your lunch box with microwave food breaks in the middle of an art gallery.

But the best is yet to come and miracles happen. The only reason why bad days exist is because the others, the good days, also exist –or the comparison wouldn’t be possible. So we have chosen these thirteen prints to remind you that there are very good days to be happy about. Because this is your life. And your life –like ours– is shorter than it often seems.

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