ARTSICLE: Contemporary Art for Rent

By Marta Díaz. March 8, 2012


Initiatives like or The Creators Project have been developed in the last few years to devise new ways in which people can approach art through the Internet. Artsicle is quite similar. The project initiated over a year ago by the New Yorkers Alexys Tryon and Scott Carleton is not only highly attractive but also a truly interesting business. Artsicle’s proposal is to support the work of New York artists by putting it up for rental. But first, they ask for your personal details (in a very original way, you must try it!) so that they can send you a catalogue that fits your interests.

If you like any of the pieces, you can rent them for 25 dollars for one month. Afterwards, you can extend the rental period, buy the artwork or change it for another one in the catalogue (with more than 60 names). If you are already excited with the idea, we have bad news for many of us: you can only enjoy this service if you live in the United States. For now they are just promoting artists from the New York area and only take orders within the North American territory.

Artsicle takes art democratization one step further. For Tryon and Carleton, the best place for art is your own home. Their leitmotif: to say goodbye to the intermediaries and to bring artistic creation closer to us, common people. Now, all we have to ask ourselves is how good this “trivialization” of art collecting will be; if this might be the beginning of a devaluation through commonplaces. We are sure that, within the new world order that is stealthily moving forward through the Internet, the answer is only a few clicks away.

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