BIG ART MOB: Archive of public art

By Garbiñe Jaurrieta. September 18, 2012


What is public art? There might not be an exact definition and the connotations that it can have might be infinite. But if we pick up pen and paper and brainstorm for words that can be included in its definition, we would probably end up writing context, permanence and identity. It is obvious that context and location are essential to identify whether the artwork you are observing is public or not and if behind it there is an author, a revealed or anonymous identity that has been the creator. But, what about permanence? What happens with those small prints, sometimes visual beauties or great and impossible compositions? Pieces that are everywhere around the world, unlisted, without anybody knowing of their existence or on the verge of disappearing.

In a century in which, it seems, archives have everything classified, there wasn't –until not so long ago– a space that gathered all this diverse urban art that is out there, in the streets. Neither there was an approximate definition. But The Big Art Mob (BAM) appeared and did it. This website lets you upload and locate any public artwork from everywhere in the world. All you have to do is take a picture, tag it and submit it to this virtual database which, by the way, will soon be available for iPhone and iPad. That said, maybe not all those who contribute have the same understanding of what public art is. But, The Big Art Mob does not know of styles or genres. Check by yourselves.

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