D/STRUCT: The World in a Plastic Bag

February 23, 2012


D/struct is a project devised by artist Lucas Maassen and the design studio Raw Color that questions the possibility of owning a product once it has become virtual, that is, when it can no longer be touched, smelled and licked. To do so, he has placed 60 plastic objects in a blender and smashed them to smithereens. Mercilessly.

An Ikea lamp, a pair of sunglasses or a toy gun are some of the chosen pieces, whose bright and pulverized remains occupy the inside of 60 intriguing plastic bags. After, they are sold through www.d-struct.nl for the price of the original product, that is, the product before suffering the traumatic and irreversible process of being blended. Each bag comes with a digital QR code that contains all the product’s information, with high-resolution photographs and 3D-scan images included. Music and film, to name only two, can now be completely digital, but what happens with everything else?

D/struct reminds us that we live in a world that is more and more full every day.

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