FIFTYTWO: Social Network or Talent Gallery?

By Belén Kayser. March 21, 2012


What are the chances of following the progress of an artistic project in a social network such as Twitter? Two? None? Daniel Howells, a web designer based in London, turned this problem over and developed Fiftytwo last November. But, let's not call it a social network, we don't want any stampede. Let's call it instead, an assembly of creatives who place their work, opinions, experiences and job offers at the disposal of others with who they establish a private connection. Once a week you can share in Fiftytwo a piece of art or project in progress; opinions, questions… even job offers!

To talk about a new social network does not make a great headline. To register, to try, to abandon it… Why are we interested in this one? Note: in Fiftytwo you will only find talent and no noise; it is more private than the rest, both for the designers, who share their work only with who they want, and for the clients, whose commissions are not in full view of the whole network. And, above all, you have at your disposal the catalogue of pieces, thoughts and ideas of creatives with whom you might be interested in working in the future. The platform is still modifying some of its features, as Daniel says on his blog, which, by the way, he uses to receive feedback on the page. So, keep it in mind... This is not another social network. It is a talent gallery.

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