HIPSTER HABIT APP: When counterculture became app

By Garbiñe Jaurrieta. June 7, 2012


Today we are back to paper and all things analogue, although the name of this project includes the word app. North American Buster Benson and Amelia Greenhall, experts in developing websites and apps with advice on how to help people improve their health habits in a fun and sustainable way, have created Hipster Habit App. A small book to print and fold that aims to help users to achieve their desired goals and assimilate new routines following a level system.

But, what does hipster mean? To connect the words “hipster” and “routine” might seem paradoxical if we refer to the original meaning of the first word. The hipster described by Normal Mailer was associated to nihilism, to jazz music, to its ramification bebop. Syncopated music, frenzied and with an impossible beat. The opposite to, let’s say, rhythmic routine, a pre-established beat. Songs –most of them– not planned in advance.

Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs & Co. were also called hipsters. Leaders of the Beat Generation, they did not precisely stand out for creating with a step-by-step method or for their organised life. In fact, Kerouac wrote On the road –benchmark of this literary trend– with no interruptions and using only one roll of paper.

A few years ago, Christial Lorentzen satirized in his article "Why the hipster must die" for Time Out New York the evolution and use of this term, so popular nowadays. The new hipsters, he explained, have bcome the target of viral marketing, some sort of "yuppies" camouflaged in what’s “alternative". Nothing to do with what was born as a counterculture.

Maybe Hipster Habit App proves the case.

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