INDIE GAME, THE MOVIE: Outsiders in the videogame industry

By Garbiñe Jaurrieta. July 5, 2012


Are video games an art form? They were one of the last ones to climb aboard the bandwagon of cultural and entertainment industries and, although successful, its value is still raising many doubts amongst those who defend “high culture”.

Opinions aside, this matter hit the headlines on the 12th of June with the online release of the documentary Indie Game: The Movie . Directed by Lisanne Parot and James Swirsky, the film captures the development and release of three video games, let’s say “independent”. Hundreds of hours following four developers who refused to be part of the giants of video games, of the mainstream, determined to work on their own product. Independent designers who, although in different professional situations, illustrate the ins and outs of an industry which is practically unknown but which reminds us of those greedy music labels. Awarded at the Sundance World Cinema Documentary Competition in 2012, Indie Game: The Movie gathers the phobias, problems and eccentricities of these, according to its creators, new twenty-first century artists: the indie game designers.

Because we all know that for Van Gogh insanity and creation went hand in hand, that Jimi Hendrix’s virtuous and psychedelic guitar solos, to give one example, were stimulated by one or two lysergic experiences and of course, all that genius took its toll. But the truth is that nobody knows what goes on in the mind of these game freaks with horn-rimmed glasses who are able to spend more than 24 hours in front of a screen. And that’s because for them, as the heroes of Indie Game: The Movie, their videogames are their “identity”, how they “communicate”.

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