LOOKK: Emerging Fashion Designers

By Marta Díaz. March 15, 2012


It is not easy to describe Lookk in only a few words. Lookk is a digital platform that helps independent designers to make their work known to consumers. It's also an intermediate between creators and their customers in the shape of an open social network. Awesome.

The whole point of Lookk is that it covers the entire process of buying and selling in a completely 2.0 way. Designers find in the platform an exceptional display window to reach people from all over the world. Also, if their designs are well considered by the users and a panel of experts, they will see them materialized and even put on sale within the page itself. For the users, Lookk becomes an attractive fashion social network where they can discover emerging designers, value their collections, buy them and follow other users that share the same tastes.

In the last few years, fashion blogs and online sale platforms have drawn the consumer closer to emerging designers that try to create a niche for themselves. That is the magic of the Internet: to connect two dots that would have had it difficult to meet each other in any other way. Thanks to initiatives like Bottica, Not just a label or Lookk, the designers that are staring have it easier since many of the entrance barriers to the textile business disappear and they can reach a wider pubic and test their collections before incurring in higher expenses.

This way the designers only have to worry about what they know: create and design. Lookk takes care of the rest. It had never made so much sense to put the cart before the horse.

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