NAND STUDIO: Technology at the Service of Humans

By Jesús Rojas. March 16, 2012


The German Studio Nand, founded by Steffen Fiedler, Jonas Loh and Stephan Thiel, is devoted to creating objects of the most peculiar nature. Their thing is innovation and the transfer of knowledge, which is why they try to promote the actions they carry out through conferences and workshops all around the world.

Even they say it is complicated to classify what they do within a specific category, so they prefer to describe their work as the “intersection of design, science and technology”. And the truth is that among their products we find a bit of everything. Although, they still haven’t found the object they would be more thrilled to create, one that would contribute to making humans more independent and self-sufficient.

So far they have focused on less ambitious projects, like trying to decode Shakespeare’s works with algorithms (“Understanding Shakespeare”) or creating performances with a KUKA robot, a violinist and a pianist (“Valse Automatique”) to illustrate the symbiosis between humans and robots through music.

All the software they use is open source (Modo, Rhino, Grasshoper, etc.) and in many cases they have created it themselves. For this purpose, they have an open source platform called Creative Coding which, for now, is only available in German, although they are currently working on its adaptation to English.

The idea is that one day all these objects go from being in a warehouse in the heart of Berlin to become part of our homes and lives.

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