OuterEdit: Designers working

By Teresa de Andrés. July 12, 2012


OuterEdit has that special something we can breathe in all those secret projects that are secret in their beginnings*. Like in Masonic fraternities or fight clubs of the new century, we sometimes bump into premises with dark doors and alleys that always end in exotic gardens and open-plan offices crammed with computers, plants and lights. And designers working.

For OuterEdit founders, graphic design finds itself in an “existential crossroads”: we are all passionate about creativity and design, we all want our small portion; even if it comes from warehouses from the northern cold, where chairs, fireplaces and kitchens fit in a very thin and very heavy cardboard box. But few care about investing a couple minutes of their time to try to understand who is hiding behind the surface of the "pretty face”.

OuterEdit aims to generate a new retail concept in which graphic design –and its designers– gains the importance it deserves (in depth and in surface). A specialised community that cares about which, how, who and why. To do so, it shows the creative process through monthly challenges in which five artists exchange and jointly modify their own designs –and those made by others–. The work-in-progress of designers such as Bruno Sellés from Vasava or César Pesquera takes the floor for eight intense days. In the end, the five creations that get the highest number of votes from the public are sold as T-shirts: the white canvas of the new century.

* OuterEdit is still in its closed Beta version, but you can sneak in by checking their website and looking for the secret password.

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