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May 23, 2013


Freedom, youth, euphoria, extravagance, idealism... All this is the essence of SamyRoad, a new social network that stands up for quality amid the chaos. It’s the shining light amid the darkness, the jewel worth salvaging amid the shipwrecked remains. This innovative platform, based in Madrid and New York, allows users to share and discover content, to become leaders of whatever they are passionate about and to earn an income from it. Fashion, art, music, adventure, charity, travel and startups are the seven categories that provide a frame for the photos, videos, posts, audio material, products and recommended places featured on the site, which aspires to become a reference point where creators and consumers alike can share carefully selected quality content.

The Internet democratises; it makes us all equal. That’s the theory, and it’s one that we applaud. However, in the midst of this whirlwind of products, information and cultural content, it is becoming more and more necessary to have voices that can be heard above the din - voices that recommend excellence and seek quality over quantity; voices that invest time in exploring the waters and surface victorious to shape the future. At SamyRoad, users can find just what they are looking for, while content creators can amplify their message, gain virtual visibility and use the opportunity to earn money by their recommendations - revenue that is shared with a charity project chosen by the user. At the moment, the platform has agreements with World Vision, AccioNatura, Intermón Oxfam, the Down’s Syndrome Foundation and Ayuda en Acción. "When we leave this world, we want it to be a better place than when we arrived," say the founders of SamyRoad.

The goal? To set the trend, influence and catalyse the future - step by step and in a viable and sustainable way - as the world shifts and changes. It’s exactly what we need to set straight all the roads that are opening up before us and turn away from the precipice. After all, only those "crazy enough to believe that they can change the course of events are those who, in the end, will do just that”.

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