TATTLY: Who said forever is better?

January 10, 2012


Our deepest sympathy to the lovers of body art who have made a commitment with the eternal. After a tortuous wait, Tattly has arrived from Brooklyn with its metal boxes filled with temporary tattoos. Some months ago we went round all the shops and surfed the Net looking for something like this (well, we were really looking for the exact same thing). Tina Roth Eisenberg, who runs swissmiss and Creative Mornings, is behind this great project. Tired of not finding cool tattoos for her daughter, she decided to make the world of skin decoration a better place.

Tattly sells temporary tattoos for kids and young-at-heart and relies on a team of talented designers, who are the mothers and fathers of designs as diverse as registration marks, pipe-smoking squirrels or fake watches to tie on your wrist. There are also anchors, calculators and even cameras.

These days, when all is ephemeral and temporary, who would like to stick with one forever when you can have them all?

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