THE ANIMAL PRINT SHOP: photographs for urban animals

January 3, 2012


The Animal Print Shop is the perfect place for those urban animals who would change the concrete jungle for the African savannah or the rainforest. The Animal Print Shop belongs to the photographer Sharon Montrose. Sharon Montrose adores her job, has had the same best friend for 24 years, is a Google addict, loves riding her bike and is always cold. She also specializes in animal portrait.

The The Animal Print Shop assures that all the animals have been raised –many of them also rescued– by people who care for them and their happiness. Some animals are photographed in the studio and others outside in their natural habitat (they are afterwards taken to that neutral background thanks to the magic of photo editing). Part of the profits obtained from the photos is set aside to support animal rescue and care, together with educational programmes.

Who wouldn’t want to have a flamingo, an owl or a giraffe waiting for you when you get back home from work?

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