VOLTA: sustainable cities for smart people

By Eva Martín. March 19, 2013


We live in an ever-changing world, at a time when things are moving at an incredibly fast pace. Everything has to be done quickly, work fast, travel fast, in short: live fast. We don't even have time to breathe anymore and it’s becoming increasingly necessary to find something stable to grasp on to. The website VOLTA takes care of offering that point of stability to this volatile world.

VOLTA is a modern guide committed to sustainability in all its facets. Through a series of tips, this platform aims to show the evolution of the smart city in the world's various metropoles. It believes that the sum of small changes can be an unstoppable force and, via its collaborators, searches for places and stories that serve as inspiration for a better future. In doing so they gather together fantastic business projects and ideas, shops, restaurants, products and more, such as the reclaimed wood furniture store in New York, a car-share business in London, and a vegetarian sandwich vendor who makes her deliveries aboard a pink bike along the streets of Paris.

Its name comes from the word voltaic –which refers to the creation of energy– just what VOLTA aims to do. It sets out to transfer the positive energies that are produced by actions, thoughts, places and people who seek out and want a more sustainable world.

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